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Joe Basry - Italian Men´s Wear

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Welcome to BASRY Sport!

Over 20 Jahre Teamwear experience!

BASRY has been in the sportswear market since 1990.

With his own experience and knowledge of soccer, both in playing and coaching of high level fellow professional athletes, the founder, Joe Basry, created a dedicated team
to develop our latest range of teamwear made in Italy for both ladies and gentlemen. This guarantees to meet the needs of today´s professional and amateur players, no
matter what is your sport. Not only performance and durability, but also the affordability was an important consideration in developing our range.

BASRY Team believes in the quality of its service to you our customer. We deliver the final article in sublimation included sponsorname, numbers and club-logo, so that you can start playing within the shortest time in the BASRY look.

We also print all textiles as you want.

Best Regards,
Joe Basry & Team


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