BASRY Basketball Set

BASRY Basketball Sublimationsdressen

AirTexFreely combinable colors, sizes and quantities. Made in Italy!
Design your own jersey, individually with your choice of colors, logos, numbers and names. Individual design - one price! Save yourself the subsequent flocking. In sublimation your jersey is provided during production complex with all the elements and thus remains lightweight and comfortable to wear. Basry Basketball Dressen offer a sporty and tight fit for maximum performance which ensures even in heated game moments of pleasant dryness. The Basry AirTex Pro fabric wicks sweat away and help keep you dry and comfortable. Ergonomic seams maximize movement and provide just the right amount of stretch for a perfect fit.

  • perfektes Druckbild
  • brillante Farben in Fotoqualität
  • sehr kleine Details erkennbar
  • sehr angenehmer Tragekomfort, da der Druck nicht spürbar ist
  • grenzenlose Gestaltungsmöglichkeiten durch detaillierten 4-Farbdruck
  • Beliebig viele Nummern, Namen, Sponsorenlogos und sonstige Applikationen auf einem Trikot zu immer dem gleichen Preis
  • verschiedene Halsausschnitte wählbar
  • Waschmaschinenfest
  • Material: AirTex Pro 100 % Polyester
Download BASRY Basketball Sublimations Sets
z.B. 15 pcs. Complete Set
  • 15 Shirts
  • 15 Shorts
  • Team-Bag
  • Logos
  • Numbers on Jerseys und Shorts
  • all Sponsors
  • Standard or customized designs
  • 2-3 weeks delivery
Junior (3XS-XS) ab EUR 850,--
Senior (S-6XL) ab EUR 950,--
Mod. Detroit Cod.3001
Mod. San Antonio Cod.3002
Mod. Oklahoma Cod.3003
Mod. Houston Cod.3004
Mod. Seattle Cod.3005
Mod. Utah Cod.3006
Mod. Los Angeles Cod.3007
Mod. Baltimore Cod.3008
Mod. Kansas Cod.3009
Mod. Phoenix Cod.3010
Mod. Miami Cod.3011
Mod. Denver Wendetrikot Cod.4001
Mod. Cleveland Shooting-Shirt Cod.4002